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Adult Gold Division

The Gold Division at the Anthony Ford Pond Hockey Classic is the most competitive division of play.  It is for Adult men and women players age 18 and over.  It is comparable to Adult "A" league hockey and until we get a former NHL'er it's made up of former high school, college and club hockey players who still have what it takes to play for the "Gold".  6 players maximum per team.  3 on 3 play.

Adult Silver Division

The Silver Division at AF99 is for adult men and women ages 18 and over who have conceded their days of playing for the Gold are done but are still in good enough shape to skate in a solid Adult "B" league environment.  They may have added a few pounds on the outside, but they haven't come to terms with it on the inside.  Don't worry, Silver is the next best to Gold. 6 players maximum per team.  3 on 3 play.

Adult Rusty Division

The Rusty Division is for men and women players age 30 and older.  It is comparable to Adult "B/C" league. These are the hockey die-hards who know their prime has passed but aren't ready to give up on competitive play.  They still got what it takes, but are done chasing the spring chickens. More of a distinguished gentleman/ladylike type of player. Very mature of course.  6 players maximum per team.  3 on 3 play.

Adult Ancient Division

The Ancient Division is for Adult men & women age 40 and older.  The competition is comparable to Adult "C/D" league play. The equipment they wear usually comes from a completely different era which is the only reason we call them ancient.  The love for the game is still there but they need to survive to skate another day.  6 players maximum per team.  3 on 3 play.

Adult Women's Division

The Women's Division is for those lovely ladies who are not satisfied with being just a hockey mom.  They lace 'em up for fun and are usually just happy to be out there. Sure, we'll keep score but that's not what this division is all about. No cat fights here, just good times.  If you are a competitive female hockey player that has played in college or high school, the Gold, Silver or Rusty Division may be the better option for you. 6 players maximum per team. 3 on 3 play.

Youth Divisions

The Youth Divisions at the Anthony Ford Pond Hockey Classic are determined by age and skill. 8 players maximum per team. 4 on 4 play.

There will likely be 2 divisions of skill within each age group.  The number of teams will dictate divisional play.  4 team minimum per division.

Divisions are expected to be as follows:

•  Mites - level 1 & 2

•  Mites - level 3 & 4

•  Mites - Advanced

•  Squirt/U10

•  PeeWee/U12

•  Bantam/U14